About me


After successfully completing my training as a make-up artist at the Make-up Artist Factory in Munich, I participated successfully at various workshops with renowned make-up artists, including Anja Fichtenmayer, Yasmin Heinz and Iris Martin.

I have lived for several years in the USA, Austria and in various cities in Germany. My current centre of life is Munich, but I regularly spend time in Vienna and Switzerland, both professionally and privately. I am flexible, fond of traveling, can be booked at short notice and am not afraid of demanding work and trips.

I love the creative handling of challenges and can adapt quickly to new situations. One of my greatest strength is the ability to build up sympathy and communication between people of different couleur.

“Ever since I was a child I’ve always used a crayon and portraited friends and family. Now I have turned my passion into my profession! I could not imagine anything more beautiful!”

Jasmin Meier